Don Mueang House

Don Mueang House

Client: Khun Warisa Surapat

Location: Don Mueang, Bangkok, Thailand

Program: Residential (2-Storey House)

Scope of ServiceArchitecture Design

Construction Area: 220 sq.m.

Design: 2018

The small land of 60 square meters in the heart of the old village Donmuang. The homeowner needs to have a living space of the house, but the house also has a shady atmosphere. In the design phase, the chord space is centered on the center of the house. All parts of the house can be seen or used.

The model of home owners needs to be simple, easy to maintain, and in the right budget.

The land in concern consists of 60 square meters only, and is also in the middle of the old Donmueng village. The owner wishes to use all of the land to its maximum, but also wants space to create a good atmosphere around the house. So the designers have come up with a chord space that will be put in the middle of the house, where the house can be seen from every angle, and can also be used.

The owner wishes to have a simple design, but also easy to maintain and clean.